Cara Salimando "Wolf" Released


So psyched about this!! Cara is such a fireball of talent!! She helps so many others create magic all the time-I'm so glad that she is sharing some of her own masterpieces!! Taken from Instagram:

#Repost @carasalimando ・・・ Put a song up on my soundcloud that I wrote with Bram Inscore in early 2015, called "Wolf". Matt Chamberlain, one of my favorite living percussionists, played on this. Mixed by my friend Steve Kaye. You can buy it on Bandcamp for a dollar. I've taken a very long break as an artist but with all the craziness in the world I realize I miss having an outlet for my thoughts. This song had been ready to go 2 years ago, it's about predatory lovers, I figured it's a metaphor for whatever's going on right now. I've been pretty quiet and doubtful of my own words but I now realize there isn't enough time in the world to worry, it's a waste. Anyway, enjoy.