OMG, So Much Catching Up!!

It's been WAY too long since I've been to website-ville for an update...I'll, hopefully, be back to share a lot more cool music that I've been recording and mixing with you soon...To hold you over, I'll leave you with these: Neighbors (starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and Dave Franco) Score I had the pleasure of recording and mixing this score for composer Mike Andrews. This movie is hilarious! And it has wall-to-wall jamz thanks to Mike's score and Aperture's music supervision! Check it out next week!!


RY X - Berlin EP I just found this RY X EP today on Spotify that I mastered a while back-beautiful music to check out!! RY X - Berlin EP


Made In Heights !!! Over the past 6 months I have been mixing many projects for producer Sabzi (Blue Scholars). The main project of his right now is his group called "Made In Heights" with singer/lyricist Kelsey Bulkin. So many releases planned for the near future! Here are a few from the end of the year:




Zero DeZire A few months back, a song I mixed for this raucous group of girls called Zero DeZire was placed as the end title music on an episode of the HBO show "Girls." Check it out!! (BTW, NSFW!): Zero DeZire - It's My Birthday (REMIX)


TOKiMONSTA Back in September, Amir Yaghmai invited me to record and mix a live Pandora session of TOKiMONSTA at The Village Recorder Studios here in LA. Here's a little peak into the mixing of this session by way of a vid that Tokimonsta took at SunKing Studios (my studio): Instagram video

And here's a bit of video from the session at The Village (with a brief Steve cameo in the beginning: YouTube Link


That's all for now, more updates soon!