Sunking M.I.A.

ShesOutOf My League.jpg

I've been kind of lacking on the blog entries due to a bunch of cool projects keeping me busy these last few months.

Here's a quick overview:

-I recorded the score composed by composer-extraordinaire Mike Andrews for a new Dreamworks feature She's Out Of My League

-Mixed three promo spots for Fox TV including one for the show (here's a link to one of them) (Look for the trailer called: Jack In D.C.) all composed by cinematic-funkonaut Dan Ubick

-Mastered a new record for raw, funky Hip-Hop/Reggae group Simple Citizens

-Mastered/mixed a new EP for Live Electronics group Jogger (members include the "King of Warm Digital")

-Currently tracking/mixing cuts for a Rhythm Roots Allstars' caribo-funk full-length

-Mastering a funky-full-length for legendary California Producer DJ Greyboy